Electric Bicycles from Easy Motion at SoCooL
Electric Bicycles by Easy Motion
From SoCool: Gifts For All Occasions

We have a tremendous variety of gift items, lots of cool and funky stuff, fun stuff that's guaranteed to please. As always, we continue to bring you the cool and the unusual. Below is just a small sampling of the huge inventory of gifts available at SoCool. If you see something in particular that strikes your fancy and want more information, just call us at 270.362.9151 or email us. Just a reminder, we ship USPS if you need that service.

Below, gift suggestions include lots of FUN stuff, electric bikes, seasonal accents and trimmings, fashionable jewelry ... even ukuleles to liven up a sing-a-long. 'Tis always the season to be JOLLY.

Need we remind you to treat yourself?

Yeti Coolers, Ramblers, hats, tee shirts and assorted gear
Yeti Premium Coolers, Ramblers, Hopper and assorted gear
Colorful Kayla Ukulele, MADE IN USA
Kavu Sling Bags
Kavu sling bags: fun gifts for the gal
on your list who wants the latest.
Rescued wine soy candles
Soy candles made from recycled wine bottles;
giving back to animal rescue...
LIG Life Is Good Sportswear at SOCOOL
Life Is Good Sportswear and other goodies at SoCooL
UK stuff from Vera Bradley, Tervis Tumblers and more.
UK stuff from Vera Bradley, Tervis Tumblers...
Christmas holiday items
Christmas, holiday cheer items and more ...
cool gadgets at socool grand rivers
OPEN BEER: modern version of what
the old timers called a "church key".
Christmas holiday items
New items from "Dog is Good";
Water bottle for your pooch, keep 'em cool!
Wallet Knife at SoCooL
Wallet Knife, fits in your wallet. Cool!
Pocket Monkey at SoCooL
PocketMonkey, the really thin multi-tool.
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